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A Practical Martial Art For The Modern Day Warrior

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25th Annual New Year Seminar

“The Year of Awareness!”


Saturday, Jan. 20th & Sunday, Jan. 21st

Let’s celebrate and begin the New Year with our 25th Budo Gasshuku, an intensive martial arts group training with 3 powerful martial arts. Seibukan Jujutsu is an effective and practical self-defense martial art with an unique philosophy based on Awareness, Assessment and Action. Enshin Itto-ryu Battojutsu is a sword martial art with ancient roots in Samurai battle strategies based on Kata, Kumitachi and Tameshigiri. Seibukan Jojutsu is a self-protection martial art that uses the Jo, a 50-inch staff, against armed, unarmed or multiple attackers. Kata, Suburi, Kumijo and Henka Waza are parts of Jojutsu curriculum. Throughout the two days of training and demonstrations, we will experience the essence of these 3 martial arts. Please bring your Sword, Bokken and Jo, if you have any. 

There will be a Godan (5th degree black-belt) demonstation on Sunday. What a way to start your martial art training in the new year! 

Have An International Experience!

Join the founder of Seibukan Jujutsu at the headquarters in Japan for a unique martial arts training experience.

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