The Seibukan Jujutsu Logo

Our Seibukan Jujutsu logo was created and presented to the Seibukan Dojo on June 1,1993 by Julio Toribio, Kancho.  This logo symbolizes: the Seibukan ranking structure, the physical application of the triangle, circle and square, the principles of each technique, the historical meaning of Seibukan Jujutsu’s Japanese roots and the philosophical aspects of the system as a way of life.

Seibukan Jujutsu Martial Art LogoLogo Description

1.  The triangle in the center of the logo is representative of the powerful base used in Seibukan Jujutsu and symbolic of the cultivation of body, mind and spirit. The triangle is also a major element used in the effectiveness of any self-defense technique. It represents the ability to unbalance an attacker, and stay grounded in a self-defense situation and throughout life.

A.  Each corner of the triangle has a letter A.  These letters represent the three           fundamental principles  in  the  philosophy  of Seibukan Jujutsu,  “Awareness Assessment Action”®.  The first A in self-protection and left corner of the triangle also symbolizes the 1st degree black belt in our system.  Shodan is about awareness.     During this time students identify their abilities as martial artists as well as abilities in other aspects of life.  Setting goals, discovering one’s own pace of learning and achieving a degree of self-confidence are the focus at this level.  The element       connected to this level is Fire.

B.  The top corner of the triangle and the 2nd A in self-protection symbolizes the 2nd degree black belt.  Nidan is about assessment.  During this time the students are searching for effectiveness, gathering information to support their goal as martial artists and their journey in self-defense.  This level is about letting go of resistances accumulated throughout the years. This process allows for the experience of effortlessness.  The element connected to this level is Water.

C.  The 3rd A and right corner of the triangle symbolizes the 3rd degree black belt.  Sandan is about taking action in the martial arts and all aspects of life.  During this time students work on physical and emotional connection, as well as commitment to themselves and others.  They do as much as necessary to create and meet their needs.  This level is about creating a powerful base.  The element connected to this level is Earth.

Seibukan Jujutsu Martial Art logo square2.  The four squares in the center symbolize the four corners of the world: North, South, East, West; the four seasons of the year: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and the four greatest elemental forces: Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. The x between the squares completes the eight direction exercise of awareness (happo giri undo) in the martial arts.  These squares also symbolize the 4th degree black belt in our system.  Yondan is about flow in the physical expression of the art and discovery of deep emotions connected to the lungs and heart. The element connected to this level is Wind.

Seibukan Jujutsu Martial Art Logo triangle3.  The small circle in the center, between the triangle and the squares symbolizes the center of the earth and the 5th degree black belt in Seibukan Jujutsu.  Godan is about developing the ability to utilize all four elements and become one with nature or the environment as necessary for appropriate action.  The mental focus at this level is the conscious working towards self-mastery.  On the physical level, one point focus and accuracy are to be achieved.  Small circle techniques and applications are practiced at this time. The triangle of Shodan, Nidan, and Sandan surround this level and the four squares of Yondan are kept in the center. Upon completion, the title given is Shihan-Dai, (first level mastery).

4.  The medium circle around the triangle symbolizes the sixth level.  Rokudan is the time of  becoming a teacher and learning how to guide others.  The goal is to guide and teach in a way that others develop tools to help themselves.  The main focus at this level is to challenge oneself by taking risks and initiating action.  This is the ring of fire in the system, the color is red.  At this level, students demonstrate consistency, speed and accuracy.

Seibukan Jujutsu Martial Art logo circle5.  The large circle which contains the gold letters and characters of Seibukan Jujutsu symbolizes the 7th level.  Nanadan is about understanding the dark side in self-defense and practicing the healing aspect of the system.  There is a sense of accomplishment and achievement through mastery of these seven black belt levels.  With sensitive guidance, the understanding of one’s own dark side deepens self-growth and spiritual life. Loyalty, honor and commitment are the main focus of this level.  The color is purple.

6.  The Seibukan Jujutsu logo has seven colors with the following meanings:

  1. Purple:    healing, spirituality, honor, loyalty
  2. Gold:       achievement, ability to flow, compassion, humility
  3. Red:        vitality, fire, awareness, speed
  4. White:     pure, proper, correct, protection
  5. Brown:    stability, earth energy, solidity
  6. Green:   growth, changes, flexibility
  7. Black:     grounding, reflection, challenge

Seibukan Jujutsu Martial Art Logo“May this logo always remind you of your power, ability and commitment as a warrior in Seibukan Jujutsu and in your life.”

Julio Toribio-Kancho