Gasshuku 2011 concluded in great success!

Posted on January 17, 2011

Gasshuku 2011 was held on the weekend of January 8 and 9. 60 students participated in the event with 45 black-belts including 15 Dojo-cho, and 15 Mudansha. All 21 principles and concepts of Seibukan Jujutsu were covered in the 2-day seminar. On Saturday, Toribio Kancho initiated the morning seminar with an energetic “fire” session, explaining and demonstrating “initiative, speed and determination” concepts. In the afternoon, four instructors taught very powerful class. They were Som Pourfarzaneh Shihan, William Candelario Renshi, Chris Haney Renshi, and Jose Miguel Rosas Kyoshi.

Saturday session was concluded with outstanding demonstrations by 17 Dojo-cho and Honbu Dojo instructors – These spectacular instructors were (in the order of demonstration);Adam Ortega Shihan from Honbu Dojo, Jim Duenshing Shihan from Honbu Dojo, Casey Lake Shihan from Honbu Dojo, BJ Fine Sensei from SJO Texas, Ryan Hoffman Sensei from SJO Minnesota, Aron Yasskin Sensei from SJO Mendocino, Jon Rodriguez Sensei from SJO Contra Costa, Jason Costanza Sensei from SJO Martinez, Logan Thornton Shihan from SJO Wasilla, Jason Ortega Shihan from SJO Oregon, Chorus Bishop Shihan from SJO Haines, Adam Ohsberg Shihan from SJO North Carolina, Som Pourfarzaneh Shihan from SJO San Francisco, William Candelario Renshi from SJO Los Angeles, Chris Haney Renshi from SJO Hawaii, Jose Miguel Rosas Kyoshi from SJO Santa Cruz, and Julio Toribio Kancho.

On Sunday, Toribio Kancho taught the class covering the concepts, and also guided the participants to set up their 21 goals that they would like to achieve in 2011. Students paired up and shared with each other with one goal out of 21. It was a very supportive, motivational and inspiring session.

The memorable event concluded in Misogi, the purification and cleansing of body, mind and spirit. It took place at Alisomar Beach, Pacific Grove. Our annual ritual this year was on such a clear day, with strong tides. The strong water gave each warrior the power to thrive this year, the coldness of water woke up the inner strength, and the purity of the water cleansed the spirit. The whole experience of the weekend was so powerful that made all participants commit to themselves to achieve their goals this year. Thank you for those who participated in the event and contributed to make the seminar as successful as it has become! And for both who participated and who were not able to this time, all are invited to join Taikai 2011 on June 4 and 5. Please plan ahead!


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  1. Jeff Rubin
    Jan 18, 2011

    Gasshuku was great this year! I always love the feeling of how much power and good energy can be concentrated into a single building. I also liked the inspiration and focus that went into helping us set up our 21 goals for the new year.

  2. Jason Costanza
    Jan 18, 2011

    I dream that every human on the planet will get to feel the magic that is being created through this art!….. I will also be fine with half! We do have the power to help make a shift in the world. One person at a time. Seibukan Warriors, remember to share your wisdom with whoever you can! This stuff is to good to keep in!!! Thank you for the magic Kancho!!!

  3. Gasshuku 2011…Wow! This was a powerful event that continues to be an example of why Seibukan Jujutsu is a great art. Not only was there awesome training on techniques but we continue to cultivate the most beautiful relationships and bring focus to our lives to experience life to the fullest. Thank you my Seibukan Jujutsu family for all the love and support we share with each other. Let’s Keep Going!

  4. Kitti
    Jan 21, 2011

    I can’t wait to train with all of you on Taikai! It’s so good to know everybody had a great time with Kancho and with all the Seibukan warriors. Here in Hungary we also have our 21 goals and we’re ready to achieve them. I love my Seibukan family so much! Keep going!

  5. Debbie Guyton
    May 01, 2012

    This was my second time at Gasshuku, it was so exilerating and spiritual when we did the cleansing in the ocean together to bring in the New Year and the comraderie of training with everyone was fun as well as learning Seibukan techniques. I wrote in my 21 goals for the new year and it has amazed me how I have met almost all of them and so fast. Thank you Koncho and all of the Seibukan family for your teachings and great spirit!
    Debbie student at Contra Costa Budokan

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  9. Rosario
    Nov 14, 2015

    Dear Paul, rarely have I come upon such uusefl teaching material especially the kata with commentary. I have always advocated that the lesson is only part of a weekly training schedule and reference to uusefl resources is vital. Do you have any plans to put all twenty six katas on the web and complete this most valuable aid to learning. Best regards Mike Stilgoe

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