Gasshuku 2011 concluded in great success!

Gasshuku 2011 was held on the weekend of January 8 and 9. 60 students participated in the event with 45 black-belts including 15 Dojo-cho, and 15 Mudansha. All 21 principles and concepts of Seibukan Jujutsu were covered in the 2-day seminar. On Saturday, Toribio Kancho initiated the morning seminar with an energetic “fire” session, explaining and demonstrating “initiative, speed and determination” concepts. In the afternoon, four instructors taught very powerful class. They were Som Pourfarzaneh Shihan, William Candelario Renshi, Chris Haney Renshi, and Jose Miguel Rosas Kyoshi.

Saturday session was concluded with outstanding demonstrations by 17 Dojo-cho and Honbu Dojo instructors – These spectacular instructors were (in the order of demonstration);Adam Ortega Shihan from Honbu Dojo, Jim Duenshing Shihan from Honbu Dojo, Casey Lake Shihan from Honbu Dojo, BJ Fine Sensei from SJO Texas, Ryan Hoffman Sensei from SJO Minnesota, Aron Yasskin Sensei from SJO Mendocino, Jon Rodriguez Sensei from SJO Contra Costa, Jason Costanza Sensei from SJO Martinez, Logan Thornton Shihan from SJO Wasilla, Jason Ortega Shihan from SJO Oregon, Chorus Bishop Shihan from SJO Haines, Adam Ohsberg Shihan from SJO North Carolina, Som Pourfarzaneh Shihan from SJO San Francisco, William Candelario Renshi from SJO Los Angeles, Chris Haney Renshi from SJO Hawaii, Jose Miguel Rosas Kyoshi from SJO Santa Cruz, and Julio Toribio Kancho.

On Sunday, Toribio Kancho taught the class covering the concepts, and also guided the participants to set up their 21 goals that they would like to achieve in 2011. Students paired up and shared with each other with one goal out of 21. It was a very supportive, motivational and inspiring session.

The memorable event concluded in Misogi, the purification and cleansing of body, mind and spirit. It took place at Alisomar Beach, Pacific Grove. Our annual ritual this year was on such a clear day, with strong tides. The strong water gave each warrior the power to thrive this year, the coldness of water woke up the inner strength, and the purity of the water cleansed the spirit. The whole experience of the weekend was so powerful that made all participants commit to themselves to achieve their goals this year. Thank you for those who participated in the event and contributed to make the seminar as successful as it has become! And for both who participated and who were not able to this time, all are invited to join Taikai 2011 on June 4 and 5. Please plan ahead!