Visiting Japan – After shock and lessons

I have been visiting Japan since two weeks after the M9.0 earthquake. My wife and two daughters were already in Nagoya, Japan when the mass earthquake assaulted Northern Japan, followed by the record-breaking Tsunami. Fortunately my family members were all safe and not affected by this natural disaster. I am experiencing the gift of being in the present, and keeping away from my mind going into the scenarios of what could have happened especially to my family.

As I contemplate, listen to the stories of the affected areas and people, I have been learning many lessons. The Japanese warrior spirit, honesty, honor and unity to begin the recovery from this natural tragedy and disaster are amazing to observe. It is a humble experience for me to be here during this time. I am touched in a very deep level that I will never forget. There are many important lessons that are taught to everyone in the whole world. Now is the time for all of us to change our focus from the problem to the solution, from blaming to taking responsibility, and from complaints to appreciation.

I’m seeing and being a witness of the 21 concepts I put together in Seibukan Jujutsu to create and understand our life journey and become successful in anything we choose to do: Initiative, Speed, Determination, Acceptance, Flow, Adaptability, Patience, Strength, Commitment, Flexibility, Spirit, Sensitivity, Presence, Power, Emptiness, Intuition, Observation, Wisdom, Intention, Creativity, and more than anything else, Healing.

It doesn’t matter how dark it looks, the light will always prevail if we focus on it. Right now I’m experiencing the highest level of gratitude and compassion that I have ever felt in my life. On behalf of all the Seibukan Jujutsu Dojos, members and families, I send and extend my condolences and warm wishes to the people, friends and families in the affected areas of Japan.

Much love and appreciation,
Julio Toribio – Seibukan Jujutsu Kancho